Just News and Some Montonous Voices

When I was young teenager, car rides to school were always accommodated by some sort radio programming. Whether it was traffic, sports, or music, the radio always seemed to take the drab out of one of the most monotonous activities of the day. One of the channels that I could not bear with in that early adolescent stage was National Public Radio (NPR). Whether it was the programming itself, or tone of the reporters that turned me off from the station is not known but I simply could not listen to it morning after morning. As I have grown older and found my actual interests in the world, NPR has become one of most valued resources in finding just reporting on both the extremely local and global levels.

Public Domain, Courtesy of Wikimedia

In this past week of listening to NPR and particular All Things Considered, one of my favorite shows in general, I have noticed a certain trend in how their programming is laid out. In many of the daily shows of ATC they have intertwined important national news stories with a local and more personal flavor. For instance, on Wednesday September 9th, ATC reported on a story regarding the increasing trend of students choosing to go community colleges instead of 4 year colleges through the eyes of a student attending Montgomery College. Even though I go to a University, I did take classes at Montgomery College and profiling students that I may have taken classes with certainly got me thinking about my decision. That Wednesdays show then went on to broaden its focus to international issues. This opening to global horizons did not change the personal connection that NPR, and ATC in particular, seems to strive for.

Public Domain, Courtesy of NPR News.

The first part of the talk on refugees focused mostly on policy and the recent statements of the European Commissioner. This political segment was followed up by focusing on a specific Austrian town that has opened its doors to refugees but has come upon hard times as resources to help everyone are dwindling. Several interviews with the citizens of the town lead to a much more relatable and memorable story.

I have found this formula of focusing on important national news in a relatable fashion extremely refreshing and ultimately informative. While I have been listening to NPR for quite a while, there seems to be a negative trend in my listening habits as college life has taken over. But through this assignment, I think that maybe instead of jamming out to some fresh music on my way class, NPR will be in my ears.


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